Extraordinary Mission Month of great significance to Youth Ministry


Pope Francis has declared that this coming October is Extraordinary Mission Month and many activities and events are being planned for the Archdiocese.

A significant part of Extraordinary Mission Month in this Parish, Archbishop Christopher Prowse says, will include the Archdiocesan Youth Ministry which is in a Year of Mission.

“You may be aware that over the last three years in the Youth Apostolate we’ve been working on a three year plan,” said Archbishop Christopher.

“The first year was a year of formation, the next was a year of celebration and now we’re in a year of Mission.

“Pope Francis has recently declared this coming October 2019 a year of Mission, a year of celebrating the Mission, so both internationally and locally we’re having a real focus on Mission.”

Addressing the question of just what Mission is, Archbishop Christopher said that by virtue of being baptised, we are missionisers and evangelisers, sent out with the message of God’s love.

Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Leader Huw Warmenhoven explained that the Pope has called us to focus on four key areas: Encounter, Testimony, Formation and Action.

“The first one is an encounter with Christ. And from that encounter he wants you to share your Testimony, share your story with everyone you encounter,” Huw said.

“But it’s not just about having an encounter, it’s about forming an ongoing relationship. So the third point is all about formation. Forming yourself in your prayer life, in your scripture… in all different ways that you can to deepen your relationship with Jesus.

“And the fourth thing is go and do something. Put that faith into action.”

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The theme of Extraordinary Mission Month is “Baptised and Sent.”

Activities and events for Extraordinary Mission Month will be announced over coming weeks.


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