Five minutes with… Sam Stubbs

How old are you? 

19 last month


What school/s did you attend?

St Edmunds College Canberra


What influenced you to become a Youth Ministry Worker?

I really enjoyed being a part of the senior youth ministry team in year 11 and 12. It helped me grow as a person and I want to be able to help other young people get that opportunity and be the best they can be!


Are you full time or part-time in Youth Ministry?

Part time (2 days a week)


Are you studying or working elsewhere?

I am studying Social Work at ACU and working in residential care part time


What sustains your faith in an increasingly secular society?

Seeing how much of a positive impact can be had on young people and all people through goodness and acts of kindness. Seeing how much of a need there is in the field of child protection helps me to keep going forward to get to the point that I want to be at and in a position where I can change young people’s lives, I couldn’t get to that point without knowing God is journeying with me. 


What qualities would you like to bring to this role?

A willingness to help-out wherever I can


What is your message to young people?

That God is with you every step of the way


What are you most looking forward to in the Year of Youth?

Being a young person and getting more young people closer to God 


Which is your favourite Saint?

St Joseph


What is your favourite sporting team?

Golden State Warriors 


What is your favourite food or beverage?

Satay Chicken


What is your favourite movie? 

The Conjuring


Who is your favourite actor/actress?

Will Ferrell


What is your favourite book?

Extreme Adventures


What music do you listen to most?

James Bay


What is your favourite place for a holiday?



What is your favourite quote, phrase or motto?

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do” – Mother Teresa


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

It’s not about what others can do for me. It’s about what I can do for others. 


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