Heart to Heart – Session 4

Questions for Session Four:

  1. What are your thoughts of the Martha and Mary encounter with Jesus (Luke 10/32-42)
  2. What obstacles prevent you from receiving the love of Jesus?
  3. When have you experienced the love of Jesus?

    Please find below a list of the resources Archbishop Christopher referred to in Session four of the Heart to Heart eSeminar
    Many of these items can be purchased through the Canberra Catholic Bookshop. Please contact (02) 6239 9800 or go to https://www.catholicbookshop.org.au/

Christus Vivit
by Pope Francis

Journey to the Heart Christian
Contemplation Through the Centuries: An Illustrated Guide
By Kim Nataraja


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  • Margaret Tranter 4 years

    I have a message saying I have to sign in to listen to Seminar 4. I am disappointed as I have enjoyed the previous theee and not had this problem. Could you please let me know how or where I sign in . 
    With many thanks
    Margaret Tranter 

  • John Smith 4 years

    RReying to access Session 4 on May 13 and have same response as Margaret Tranter.