Heart to Heart – What is it about?

This eSeminar will provide practical stepping-stones in making the great journey from the heart of God to the heart of each one of us.

Why participate?  To discover how this time of isolation and the solitude of Christianity can bring us closer to Christ.

Who is it for?  Those who want to rediscover their relationship with Christ and for those who would like to go deeper in the Lord.

What is the Heart to Heart eSeminar about?  Join Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Christopher Prowse for this (ten-part) live-streamed eSeminar as he leads you to enter more deeply into your relationship with Christ during this time of isolation.

Heart to Heart eSeminar Schedule | 2 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays (Tuesday 28 April –  Thursday 28 May)



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  • Tessa 4 years

    Before starting my prayer sessions I light a candle and envoke the Holy Spirit to enlighten my thoughts and prayers.
    Really enjoying your talks .Thanks.

  • Carmel Street 4 years

    Thank you Bishop.  I found today really enjoyful and a prod along the way.
    Could the name of the book you recommended be sent.  I couldn’t get the priests name.
    Thanks you and blessings,