How have we changed?

Ever thought you had a few things in common with Simon Peter? That’s St Peter, the man Jesus chose to lead his followers. I sometimes do.

He’s the one who was so excited to see Jesus he walked on water momentarily before beginning to sink, who at first refused to let Jesus wash his feet, who was so embarrassed by a servant that he denied his master in his time of trial. In today’s Gospel, he didn’t recognise Jesus when, after the Resurrection, he appeared on the shore of the lake and suggested they throw their nets out again.

Peter, the follower who sometimes seems to reflect more brawn than brain; who blows hot and cold, determined yet derelict. Yes, I see myself in him.

But then we get to see the real Peter. In today’s first reading he is seen with John lecturing the rulers, elders and scribes about the resurrection and about how a cripple was healed by the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, “the one you crucified, whom God raised from the dead”.

Something happened between death and resurrection. We have just experienced the same days of bewilderment and glory. Let’s stop and look for the ways we have changed. Be assured they are there.

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