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  • Colliss Parrett 2 years

    I do find it puzzling that often the simplest explanations for wrongdoings including loss of faith are overlooked. Always start with the ten commandments and the seven deadly sins. Can anyone name a wrongdoing/sin that cannot be traced back to either or both ?

  • Annette Barbetti 2 years

    I do not believe that there really are as many atheists in this country as some people say. People who do not say that they have a religion are not necessarily atheists. That is because the Census questions do not allow for the possibility that a person who believes in God does not want to say which religion they practise because they practise more than one religion (e.g. people of Japanese origin who practise both Buddhism and Shinto, and some Christian people here in Australia who go to more than one Christian church). There should be the following questions: Do you believe in a God? Are you an atheist? Are you an agnostic?

  • Bev Cains 2 years

    The Family is very important element. It’s great for children to learn to love and be loved by parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbours, school friends. This is part of social education which will assist in the development of the Love of God and Neighbour as oneself!

  • Beth Gibson 2 years

    It’s interesting that the article ‘blames’ outside figures and ‘the family’ for people ‘losing their faith’. I see no reference to faults or weaknesses in the church itself that may have led to this situation – if indeed it is a situation? I thought we had moved past blaming everyone else and had developed some capacity for self reflection and humility – it seems I am wrong.