Living the Paradox

There are two conflicting scenarios happening simultaneously in the first reading. Saul is working for the destruction of the church, going from house to house, arresting both men and women, and sending them to prison. Nightmarish scene! At the very same time, in a strange parallel, “those who had escaped went from place to place preaching the Good News, bringing welcome miracles and great rejoicing.” A taste of heaven scene! 

How often is life a paradox containing both dark and wonderful things at the same time? Losing ourselves in the Son of God means that we can know with assurance that ultimately, we will lose nothing and gain everything eternally. The more we come to know Jesus and eat of the bread of life, the more we, too, will taste heaven in the very midst of the chaos and darkness of an average life.

Lord help us to find you and the life you bring into our everyday mess.

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