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  • Sharon 4 years

    As a former St Mary’s student back in the 60s and 70s this was a very interesting read. Thank you.

  • Tony Percy 4 years

    Thanks again to Denis for yet another fine article on our history. 

    Fr. Tony Percy VG

    • Tricia Stout 4 years

      Fr  Brohan was assistant priest at Ardlethan under PP Fr Carragher (both Irish) in late 40’s or maybe 50’s. He often called into our home. As a child I recall him kneeling and joining in the family Rosary. He was then the reason our family and several others had our summer holidays at Burril Lakes.
       Tricia (Bradley) Stout

  • Christine Riley 3 years

    When I was young I attended mass at Morongla Creek as small place near Cowra. Unfortunately that  church was burnt down. Then we moved to Cowra in  the Bathurst  Diocese.