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  • Joseph 4 years

    Can’t Catholics who want to be members of a Catholic church that allows married priests transfer to a non-Latin Catholic church like one of the Greek/Ukrainian/Romanian etc Catholic Orthodox Churches? Where they won’t be bamboozled by ontological arguments that a Catholic priest must be male & celibate.

  • John Warhurst 4 years

    Can someone please tell me why Monica Doumit gets such a good run in Catholic Voice? We don’t need any more of her conservative Sydney perspective in Canberra-Goulburn.

  • Gavin O'Brien 4 years

    I totally agree with your view. Like many Catholics concerned with the decline in active membership of Catholics in the Church, I thought that Pope Francis would agree with the obvious need for ordained ministers, married men of good faith,to minister to the needs of the faithful, not just in the remote Amazon, but also in Australia where aging priests are spread so thinly and have to cover such distances each Sunday to service ever expanding Parishes,as they continue to close and are amalgamated into mega parishes.
    I suspect that conservative forces in the Vatican bureaucracy have won the day yet again.
    I might add that I have little hope that the upcoming Plenary Council will be little more than a talk fest .Nothing will change. Its is an extravagant waste of scarce resources that the Church really needs to keep afloat financially, as the numbers in the pews decline.
    It really hurts me to write this.

  • Carol Lam 4 years

    This is so sad to hear. Looks as though Plenary council will be waste of time and no advancement only more decay.

  • Paul Burt 4 years

    I am not sure why people who have been in the Church a long time seem to suggest that, unless the Church changes along lines they hope for, they will leave. Has their fidelity to the Church thus far been conditional on the Church changing, or have they come to these views after long theological reflection and heartfelt prayer. If after the latter course, how is it that their process of discernment yields a different result to that of Pope Francis? Is the opinion of the Holy Spirit divided on this matter? But in any case, if debate is to be encouraged, shouldn’t that debate allow opinions supportive of the Pope. How will greater understanding of theological and social questions be achievable among us if an open exchange of ideas is discouraged?

  • Gavin O'Brien 4 years

    I have been in the Church since my Baptism about 71 years ago.I have seen great changes during my lifetime. Remember the Mass in Latin. Remember the celebrant facing the altar .We now have Married Deacons and Acolytes serving the Church, each in their own way. I was in high school when Vatican II was in progress.Years later the changes I just described, started but have now ground to a halt.Why? Why are attendance at Sunday Mass declining?Is it because people are better educated and don’t accept the Good News of Salvation as being relevant to their lives? Is it because of the terrible scandals that have been revealed ? Pope John XIII saw a need for ‘updating’ the Church in the 1960’s. I suspect he and Francis see the light of the Spirit.I hope we can too in the upcoming Plenary Council.