Training the next crop of young evangelisers

Youth Minister, Chiara Catanzariti with retreat participants

More than 300 Year Six students have delved into a backpack of items to learn about Jesus.

Participating in a Journey with Jesus retreat, they explored what they need for such a journey, which are:

• a water bottle, representing God’s essential and unconditional love,
• a torch, representing salvation and Jesus’ light in our lives and
• a first aid kit, representing healing and forgiveness when things go wrong.

The retreat was a first for students at Holy Family Gowrie, St Clare of Assisi Conder and St Monica’s Evatt and is part of the CSYMA Junior program.

Students at Holy Trinity in Curtin are in their second year of the program.

A total of 12 primary schools are involved in CSYMA Junior and about 1000 students will do the Journey with Jesus retreat led by the Archdiocese’s team of 25 energetic youth evangelisers.

The Journey with Jesus retreat is a day of games, activities, dramas, videos and talks about the Gospel messages of God’s love, salvation, and forgiveness.

As the day ends, the students understand it is in fact not the end of their journey with Jesus but the beginning.

They leave eager to see what God has planned for them.

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  • Joseph 4 years

    Much better than rote learning of the Green Catechism.

    • Anne 3 years

      Bless you, Joseph. For I was raised on the green catechism & rote learning. It along with you & myriads of disciples that God is still gifting with me has given me an understanding (a standing under God) that when I seek, ask, knock the ears & eyes of the heart are opened & the divine spirit to LOVE’s en’light’enment radiate within. Alleluia. All graced methods of passing on the good news, plant seeds, for self or another to water with warmth in divine love.