National Day of Sorrow and Promise across Australia

In a collective response from Catholic religious orders across the country, religious women and men will hold a National Day of Sorrow and Promise on Sunday, December 2, the beginning of Advent and the start of a new Church year. This is to reflect a new way of being Church in Australia.

The day has emerged to acknowledge survivors of abuse within the Catholic Church and all those who have been hurt by that abuse. Underpinning this, is a clear promise for a better, safer future.  

“Action is happening. The process is already under way to reform the Church’s practices to ensure that safeguarding is integral in all that we do as part of our ministry and outreach in the community. This at the heart of our mission,” said Monica Cavanagh rsj, President of Catholic Religious Australia (CRA).

While this reform is underway, Sr Monica is clear that “We must continue to hold and honour those who spoke their stories to break the silence.”

In addition to apologising again for the tragedy of abuse, the purpose of the day is also to acknowledge those who work in the interests of persons harmed by abuse and those who work for the safety of the vulnerable.

Catholic religious women and men will gather in solidarity, to recognise their pain in collaboration with their own local communities on 2 December, in different cities and towns across the nation.

Source: Catholic Religious Australia

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