New Missal smartphone app tailored for Australia

Missal App


The Masso Foundation has released The Missal Application (App) for its Australian users. It is a complete Australian version of the Roman Catholic Missal that includes readings and responses which are correct for Australian congregations.

The Missal App includes readings for Australia Day and ANZAC day and has been tested in Australia for five years. The Missal App is very accurate and has been approved for use by the Australian Bishops Commission for Liturgy.

The Missal App allows a book (over three thousand pages) to be stored on your device for easy access, even without internet availability. The App is also intuitive for its users and beautifully appointed.

Mr David Bolton of the Masso Foundation said that he hopes The Missal App will help Australian Catholics get the most out of Mass and that the Foundation was grateful for the generous donation of the royalties for the sale of The Missal.

The Missal App uses smart selection by accessing the calendar on the Android tablet or mobile phone to automatically select the correct prayers and readings for the day and provides multiple options where there is more than one feast for that day. It even switches on a Saturday afternoon for the Vigil Sunday Mass and includes other celebrations such as Nuptial (Wedding), Votive Masses and Masses for the Dead.


  1. The Missal App is available for use on Android devices from the Google Play Store for just $4.99 at .
  2. The App was designed in the Blue Mountains by two self-taught computer programmers, James McLoughlin and Samantha Day.
  3. Further enquiries and requests for sizeable pictures can be directed to James McLoughlin on 0418 862
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The above media release is an unpaid advertorial. The Catholic Voice has not used this smartphone app.



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  • Chris Halloway 5 years

    I’d be keen to hear when it becomes available for non-android devices please

    • Breda O’Reilly 3 years

      When will it be available for a Word IPAD and for a phone that is not Android. I have been using the American one but the translation is different so I would really love to have the Australian one instead. I live in Perth. Thanks Breda O’Reilly

  • Jo 5 years

    Is the Missal app available for Apple devices as well or just Android devices, please. Thanks. Jo

  • Yvonne Hunt 5 years

    Can I get this app for iPhone or can you let me know when will be developed for my iPhone 

  • Josephine 2 years

    How can I get this App