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  • Monica Guy 4 years

    Finally the Bishop’s are recognizing Our Lady Help of Christians. Our patroness has been forgotten for too long. She will protect and help us under this title.

  • Marea Pauling 4 years

    I have been praying to our Nation’s Patron Saint since this horrible pandemic started , and I bet many others have too !!

  • Margaret Kilby 4 years

    I’m so pleased that your Bishops are taking this beautiful and special step to entrust the care of Australia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!  Here in Canada we as Catholic citizens are welcomed to participate in a 54 day Novena which includes invoking the prayers of 6 Saints considered special to us during the different segments of this prayer period. Through Mary’s Immaculate Heart, May God bless both of our countries forever. 

  • Brenden T Walters 4 years

    Them’s my sentiments too, Monica. Under any title. What took them so long?

  • Peta 4 years

    A Thankyou for this proposal from Perth WA🙏 Mary Help of Christians please pray for us, AMEN. Immaculate Heart of Mary protect us 🙏🌹🙏

  • Joanne 4 years

    Thank you for this proposal Victoria Australia 🙏🙏🙏

  • Geraldine Davies 4 years


    From Western Australia thank you to all the Bishops who supported the Entrustment fo Australia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this Sunday 24th May.  As we look up at night at the Crux in our sky,  the Southern Cross that crosses our country,  remind us all of Our Mother’s protection. Always. God Bless

    • Trevor Post 4 years

      Six thousand years ago the southern cross was visible as far north as Moscow,now its primarily only visible in the Southern Hemisphere and as Christianity has traveled south so has the wise Genesis 28:14 when the  bible was translated into Latin around the year 410 the Joseph/Israel descendants would go to terra Australis incognito 

  • John Clegg 4 years

    “O Immaculate Mary, Help of Christians, Queen of heaven and earth, and tender Mother of humanity, at this time when a pandemic threatens all your children, we entrust to you our nation, Australia, and all who live in this country.

  • Daryl John Burnet 4 years

    Jesus loved telling simple stories.He often referred to sheep.

    Here is a chook story. I have chooks with little chicks. At the first sign of danger they run under the mumma hen. She spreads out her wings to protect them.

    Same with Immaculate Mary, more than ever we must run to her and get under Her Mantle of protection.

    Scripture says “Rejoice always”. Let us rejoice that even though this pandemic is tragic, it reminds us all just how vulnerable we all are. We need God and our Queen.

  • Meredith Coe 4 years

    This has been such a wonderful idea and Our dear Mother Mary has certainly come through.