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  • Victor Dunn 5 years

    Love it.

  • Joseph 5 years

    Surely the exclusion of women from breaking open the Scriptures in that part of the Mass called The Liturgy of the Word, which precedes The Liturgy of the Eucharist, re-enforces the Clericalism that has relegated women to the second division in the public worship of the Church since the Council of Trent.

  • Paul Burt 5 years

    Given the presumption, often heard, that women only have a token place in the Church, these statistics regarding the number of senior positions of significant responsibility and influence occupied by women in the local archdiosece would seem to indicate that this is not the case, here at least. It is also interesting to hear that these appointments have been made on merit and not through quotas. 

    It is also interesting to reflect on St Luke’s inclusivity of male and female activities in advancing the kingdom of heaven

  • Sheelah Egan 5 years

    Come to an ordination mass. Then you will see why women feel that they are excluded from participation in the church. Sure very talented women get to do the hard work, but they are hidden away on special occasions. At a recent ordination, an all male celebration, a woman was not even selected to read. The music would not have happened without women, but it was mostly a case of being heard without being seen.

  • Conor 5 years

    Fr Tony is an able but highly selective defender of the traditional Church view of women. Most of us already knew about the fine work that these highlighted women do in administrative jobs. But he carefully avoids mentioning the sudden (and still unexplained) abolition of the Archdiocese Women’s Commission or of the recent Canberra meeting of Catholic women seeking new ways of being women in the Church.
    It’s telling too that he praises Greg Craven’s talk: Greg is another articulate conservative but his views need some context. Not only is he one of the favourite Catholic commentators of The Australian but he was also the only member of the Truth Justice & Healing Council who declined to endorse the final report to the Bishops. There is much more to challenge about Fr Tony’s comments. A proper Letters to the Editor page in Catholic Voice would be the right place; sadly, we laity are seen as not mature enough for that.

    • Catholic Voice 5 years

      A quick note in regard to the Archdiocese Women’s Commission. A couple of years ago several existing members of the Women’s Commission decided to retire from their positions. Archbishop Prowse was open to the Commission continuing, however, a lack of members made the Commission untenable. The Archbishop is working closely with Andrea Dean, the Director of the National Office for the Participation of Women, to draw up, in the Archdiocese, the voice of Catholic women in a more prominent way. His desire is to re-establish a Commission for Women in the future.
      Although Letters to the Editor in it’s traditional form no longer runs, our new online version has become a popular avenue for the thoughts and ideas, reactions and responses of our readers.

      • Victor Dunn 5 years

        An excellent response.

      • conor 5 years

        Thank you for the explanation; last we know why the Commission was disbanded. As far as I know, the laity were never even told that it had happened nor the reasons for the decision. Why so much secrecy surrounding what seems a fairly understandable decision? But it also begs another question. What efforts were made to replace the retiring members? Would it not have been better to retain the institutional memory and experience of the remaining members while transitioning to a new structure?

        Re Letters to the Editor, some readers will recall that the column was an integral part of the Catholic Voice format endorsed by Arcb. Carroll. Later, the column was banned by Arcb.Coleridge in case debate might upset the faithful (my words). Since then, individual Catholics and more recently Concerned Catholics of Canberra-Goulburn have called for the Letters column to be re-instated if we are serious about promoting ideas and fostering dialogue ahead the Plenary Council. The online version— while welcome— is no substitute as it is restricted to topics chosen by the editor and presumably a degree of prudent self-censorship.

  • Kevin Croker 5 years

    And, Fr Tony we have the wonderful Carmel Gibbons RN caring for all our priests. Now that’s a job and a half!!!!

  • conor 5 years

    I’ve heard that Kevin Croker and Carmel Gibbons do a great job. Well worthwhile service. What about an article about their work?

  • Dennis Sleigh 5 years

    Tony, thank you for highlighting a fact that might not have been as well known as Conor suggests. I am delighted to think our archdiocese is playing such a leading role in serving its people by promoting talented women. However, let us not stop here: Sheelah has pointed out that there are other roles that women would fulfill very competently and even if there is still strong opposition to this from the Vatican, it would do our ecclesial self-image no harm to see stronger local leadership (lay as well as clerical) on this matter to ensure that it is not blithely swept away once again.