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  • Gavin O'Brien 3 years

    Congratulations Patrick on your appointment. I wish you well in your new and challenging position.

  • Margaret 3 years

    Congratulations, Pat. New challenges keep us ‘alive’! Best wishes

  • Dennis Walter Sleigh 3 years

    Congratulations, Patrick. I am sure that you will perform this task nobly. Please be assured that you will be in our prayers.

  • Loretta Wholley 3 years

    Congratulations, Patrick! An excellent appointment. I am certain you will serve the archdiocese well. 

  • Loretta Wholley 3 years

    Congratulations, Patrick. An excellent appointment for the Archdiocese. 

  • sr Rosemary Lewins oplewins op 3 years

    A great appointment. Very good for Archdiocese 

  • Bec McArdle 3 years

    Congratulations Patrick! Wishing you well in your new appointment, the archdiocese is blessed to have you.

  • Alistair Cowie 2 years

    Congratulations Patrick and good luck in your new role – the Archdiocese’s gain is our loss. I’ve not been long at ACU but found in you a terrific mentor and sounding board. You loved your students and they loved you.