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  • Sheelah Egan 3 weeks

    Thank God for a well-informed commen. 

  • Bruce Ryan 3 weeks

    Thanks for this common sense approach that draws both on established ethical principles and our faith tradition. A grave problem with the original intervention that brought doubt on the ethical nature of the potential vaccine was that it may have encouraged scepticism about vaccines generally, tending to give support to the anti-Vaxer movement, even if unintentionally. 

  • Wayne Cassidy 3 weeks

    Thank you for a clear and uplifting statement.

  • Desa 3 weeks

    Will wait upon God’s Word … No good comes from aborting the innocent, we wait centuries for the Gospel of God … Wait, wait for the Lord ..we are told.

  • daryl 2 weeks

    Two wrongs don’t make a right