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  • Daryl John Burnet 3 years

    Surprised Bishop Morgan was not mentioned. Military Chaplain for years. Lest we forget. A famous painting shows Bishop Morgan serving Mass in New Guinea in WW2.

    I served for Bishop Davis and Bishop Morgan, very fine men and Priests.

    With society tearing down morals and statues, i cant help myself.

    Monsignor Frank Lyons and Fr Louis Breslan were Military Chaplains when the Aircraft Carrier Melbourne sank and killed many people. They dived into the water and saved lives. The dead they gave Absoution to.

    Eternal rest grant unto our many faithful Priests and those who served in the Military. Eternal rest grant unto the women and families they left behind.

    Eternal Father, strong to save…..many souls forgotten need our prayers.


  • Carl Madsen 3 years

    Well done Bishop Max, thanks for all your great service and ministry as a priest and bishop. Your wonderful pastoral care and witness of faith will be missed by many.

  • Glenda 3 years

    Congratulations Bishop Max on your retirement. I wish you well in retirement.

  • Russel 3 years

    Max God knows New Norcia 1971