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  • Pauline Verrell 4 years

    In the midst of all the trials of this time we are reminded that God indeed is the Master of the Universe and His Will will prevail. Praised be to God and bless cardinal Pell and the whole Catholic Church.

  • margaret reynolds 4 years

    He was in charge of Education in Victoria when I was teaching .I always liked his directness and clarity., esp., in his religious articles in the papers over the years.Also his allegiance to the Traditional Catholic doctrine , which has partly disappeared these days . That is when the churches start to empty.But this is resented by many who do not want to listen to the Gospels.I have always prayed for his acquittal and hoped he would go back to the Pope and help clear the Vatican of these factions which work against the needs of the people.he was a strong voice crying in the wilderness there.I also hope that the people who resent his acquittal find some peace and charity in their hearts.

  • Monica Guy 4 years

    We thank God that our prayers for Cardinal Pell were answered. Nothing is more shameful than a justice system where the evidence is not properly examined and the innocent are accused of crimes they did not commit.

  • Louise 4 years

    Thank God that not only is Cardinal Pell out of prison, but that he’s fully exonerated! Our collective prayers have worked,praise God! There will be mixed feelings regarding his release but we must rejoice that both truth and justice triumphed! May God continue to protect and guard us all especially all priests around the world.