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  • Edward (Mike) Mooney 3 weeks

    I have recently – two years returned to practice my Catholic Faith – it has been a wonderful spirit led journey at St Thomas in Kambah – Thank you for such in-sight into the long term traditions indeed dogma’s of the church especially in the context of the journey with the spirit – I cant imagine a “redo of the learned community of saints that have travelled in the past and now with the faithful with such love” that is so important for the congregation especially sinners like me 🙂

  • Luis 2 weeks

    ’Starting again’ would suggest the Church got it wrong the first time and the Holy Spirit had been off his/her game for quite a while (in temporal terms). ‘twould inspire little confidence that another attempt would be any better.
    The idea is somewhat reminiscent of the manifest built-in contradictions of private interpretation of the scriptures, suggesting all interpretations (or none) are equally valid.
    There is enough difficulty in reconciling the divergent expressions of opinion within the Church already. Who would ever agree on how the ‘new start’, per impossibile, should commence.