Solo or ensemble?

We live in a very individualistic society.

We are shaped by our culture to see ourselves as the person centre-stage in our own story. From an early age we are waiting for the moment during which we will receive all the attention and be the hero, the special one, the star of the show. This is a difficult mindset to resist – so much so that even in our Christian life we can be waiting for everything to come together so that our unique ministry and gifts can come to the fore.

In today’s first reading St Paul calls us to view things very differently. We are part of an ensemble cast! In fact, our story does not make sense until it is lived out in the life of the community. If you are struggling to see how to use your gifts and talents, ask yourself whether you are really plugged into the body of Christ, or whether you are secretly hoping to dazzle everyone!

Mary is the most perfect example of a person who has taken her place in the body of Christ and is totally at the service of all. In her suffering she did not require everyone’s attention, but consented to humbly play her part. May we be like her.

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