The Gift

Today Romans 5 speaks of Adam. That word is Hebrew and refers to a non-gendered being consisting of dam—juice, sap, wine or essence—which has taken into itself and expressed a—the letter aleph, which points to Alaha, Sacred Unity, the name Jesus used for God.

Even at the Fall, the relationship with God was there—pure gift!

Our ego, self-importance, pig-headedness, led us astray, but could not break this bond, which Jesus used to bring us back into harmony with Being, with Life.

Child of God, hold within yourself this consciousness; fear not death, be Life!

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  • Daryl John Burnet 4 years

    St John the Baptist was the VOICE. He did not fear death to speak out for LIFE.
    There is a time for silence and also for speaking up. Jesus did both.

    Many voices are speaking up for what is evil in Gods eyes. Jesus spoke words which were not NICE, they are still challenging.

    We use batteries everyday. The World is a battery. Increasingly people are moving from positive or to negative. To God or to evil. With current World conditions, the rate of polarisation is accelerating.

    Neville Chamberlain tried to compromise with evil before WW2. God gave us memories, learn from History or suffer.

    Our Lady appearing at Fatima was not just a nice little appearance. She spoke up, yet we still fail to listen. St Faustina proclaimed Gods mercy. That time of Mercy is dwindling. His Judgement is upon us. Moses had his arms held up for wonders to happen. Our Mother can no longer hold back Justice. Too many hearts are stone, unteachable.

    “If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts”. One of my fave Scriptures.

    Its not too late for anyone, hopefully our Rosaries will help soften hearts.

    St John the Baptist, pray for us.