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  • Michael Rush Br. Gerard Rush 6 years

    Archbishop Prowse,
    Thank you for your involvement and responses so far. In your initial impressions you firmly report on the ‘Australian’ pragmatism in going straight to issues. Of course Australia for some generations has been a huge mix of world cultures. Yes we are called to develop the praying and listening in this process; we wish to do so. However can the administration of the process hear what these people are saying in their/our pragmatism? In ‘The Welcome to Plenary Post’ and in Lana’s report and that of NATSICC there are responses that highlight positives in what people have done so far. In the Youth Ministries information I would hope that besides the youth expressing themselves that some would be invited to present as well as the adults. I find that in the publication of the National Council of Priests The Swag, there are ideas expressed about the church that would be valuable for those involved in the Council process to read/hear.
    Respectfully Michael Rush Br. Gerard Rush FMS.

  • Mike Yates Sydney Australia 6 years

    Dear Archbishop Christopher,
    I wonder how many of the religious leaders in Jesus’ time would have seen him as someone who clearly did not know how to discern the presence of God. Most of them?

    Rather than be dualistic in our discerning could we perhaps affirm in Catholics who obviously care the presence of the Spirit’s longing to finally dig deep in ways we may have not done for centuries?
    I don’t see what you call pragmatism as a weakness or an inappropriate response. We will fail to listen to God to the extent that we fail to listen to all who speak. Then we will need the Spirit’s discernment to see in what ways the Church has already taught (but too often ignored) the very things that Catholics are saying we need to do.
    This is how I see it and it will take
    all our humility to do it.
    Kind regards
    Mike Yates