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  • Luis 5 years

    I suspect this may be a poor translation, as the connotations of shocking are negative:
    ‘causing indignation or disgust; offensive.
    “shocking behaviour”

    causing a feeling of surprise and dismay’.

    More like ‘startling’?

  • Joseph Quigley 5 years

    I appreciate that Pope Francis was trying to galvanise us into being amazed at the significance of Easter. However for those of us who believe that Jesus was a co-creation directly between God & the Virgin of Nazareth, Mary, that was the most gobsmacking event in human history. The equivalent of a new Creation. The Resurrection was simply a confirmation that Almighty God had been among us in the person of Jesus Christ. And keeps coming back to us in bodily form at the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass. Lord, I believe. Help Thou my unbelief!