What changes?

“What will a man gain if he wins the whole world and ruins his life?”

Jesus’ words are so appropriate for the world at this moment that you’d think he must have had us in mind!

Money, greed and lust for power abounds before Covid-19 strikes. Leadership across the globe seems to be infected –with narcissism, self-interest, hatred for good, disregard for others rampant. Amazingly, so many find these traits, dare we say, attractive.

And then comes Covid-19 and the world finds that money alone cannot save lives. Unfettered power isn’t the solution.

The real solution is the divine source of life that exists beyond earthly power and riches.

When the world emerges from this shadow of death will more of us understand this? Will we understand that “going back to normal” is not the way forward?

Will I? Will you?

So what will we now change?

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  • Christine Riley 4 years

    Thankyou for the Mass as it is raining here and it is difficult to walk on uncovered streets.