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  • Joseph Quigley 6 years

    Good to read about this development in retreats for students. Two things:
     1. An experienced/qualifed facilitator is essential. Not all teenagers mature at the same speed. Especially emotionally.
    2. A program for maintaining & developing the insights gains (conversion) is highly desirable. 
    Initiatives like this sort of retreat make a Catholic education a pearl of gr8 price.

  • Gabrielle Jarvis 6 years

    Congratulations to Mr. Trent Masters for initiating such a thoughtful programme for young men to be able to think upon and grasp. I hope somewhere there was thought about Jesus, bethlehem and the cross.

    Special thanks to the head of RE to enalbe this to go ahead.

  • david sealey class of 1971 6 years

    well done men