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  • Mary 5 years

    Thank you for this succinctly written article Shane. It’s important to remember we only need a mustard seed of faith. Committed Catholics have been shaken to the core by revelations of sexual abuse of children by priests & religious. Their actions have shaken my belief in the Church, but not my faith in Jesus. He was abused in those precious children. I pray Francis takes strong measures to punish the perpetrators by defrocking them. They defiled our loving Lord and damaged precious innocents. You didn’t mention the sexual abuse scandal in this article, but when you spoke of actions being a reflection of faith, the abuse of children by paedophile priests was the action that sprang to my mind. 

  • John Neylan 5 years

    What a refreshing read!

    Unfortunately many parishes choose to give the topic/your contents little emphasis, preferring to focus on “correct” dogma/scripture etc week in, week out.

    Thankfully, primary and secondary school kids get it. And unsurprisingly very rarely attend Mass.

    Thanks again


    • Roy Fanthome 5 years

      True. The decline of bums on pews is a reality we must expect. For whatever reason people do not connect with the Church as before. Is it a matter to worry about? I do not think so. We have parcelled off millennia of dogma, devotion and spirituality within a hundred years of affluence, progress and pride. What we have left is an empty shell of liturgy, devotions and formulae that few connect with even on Sundays. So. Why the tears?
      An alternative form of values, attachments and attractions is now deep into our cultural identity. This accoutrement is at odds with the tradition on which we wish it to fit. Maybe, we need to think about the wedding feast we are being called to – its dress code and the freshness of the wine on offer.