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  • Beverley Cains 5 years

    How can any Christian support Abortion and or Euthanasia? It is not only a Christian’s duty to uphold life, it is a duty of all humans. What are we doing? The shrill voice of the “me” generation has forced common sense and humanity off the agenda. It is sad and shameful.
    God help Australia and Australians.

    Thank you Archbishop Fisher and other Christian leaders, for your efforts in leading so many to so beautifully express the truth which is “Thou shall not kill”!

  • Babs 5 years

    This indeed is a sad day. In the next few months a million tiny unwanted Australian lives will be cut short. Shame on our politicians especially the ones who will continue to attend their churches. Compassion for the most vunerable has been forgotten by the people elected to uphold the safety of of the community. Why would we ever trust them again. I just hope mothers will get all the love and care they need before and afterwards.As retired midwife I am sad that how many of our politicians have become so callous and lives of others have become expendble.

  • Mary Lowe 5 years

    How very sad that some politicians believe that they have the right to destroy life! On our behalf!