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  • John F. 5 years

    Dylan said that Jesus tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Bob, why are you resisting me?” Dylan replied, “I’m not resisting you.” Jesus said, “Are you gonna follow me?”
    Dylan’s Slow Train Coming album was his response.
    Dylan sang Blowin’ in the Wind before Pope John Paul II in Bologna in 1997. The pope commented on the lyrics, asking, “How many roads must a man walk down until you can call him a man? One road only! The road that leads to Jesus Christ.”
    Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron has the gift of identifying aspects of contemporary culture which open the door to evangelism.

  • Philip Pocock 5 years

    Unfortunately, the real appreciation of truth and beauty is dependent on fearless innocence.

    The rejection of Church teachings on sexuality, which are actually true, is what undermines faith and the hunger for truth and beauty. What is needed is a herculean intellectual effort to understand this and then convey the truth by all means including social media. Sexuality and the deceptive nature of promiscuity are why the Church’s teachings are rejected by the young, but until they can be convinced that virginity until marriage for life is the best valid option, anything else will result in a rejection of beauty,truth and faith as well, usually for money.

    The most intelligent are the creators of beauty, a beauty that benefits all who experience it, but a true exposition of the objective “scientific biological” reality which is found in unchanging Church revelation, contrary to immediate experience associated with sexual acts, is the most urgent intellectual task facing the Church.