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  • Rev Mick O'Donnell 3 days

    Frank. You’re a rascal: always quirky, yet insightful, loving and encouraging in your perception of life. Thank you for your ministry and this homily and acknowledgment of your parents influence on your life. Keep up your good work fostering the Good News of our Gracious Lord. From fellow rascal, Deacon Mick O’Donnell

  • Tom O'Gorman 3 days

    Sorry to learn of your mum’s death. Thanks for sharing this with me. Thanks for our brotherhood that enables us to rejoice and grieve together. Courage!

  • Tony Kevin 3 days

    Thiis is beautiful writing, Frank. Thank you. What a mother you all had.

  • michael Elligate 3 days

    Words are inadequate Frank, I know you will miss her,

    but her presence will never leave you. Fond Regards, Michael Elligate

  • Peter Reid 3 days

    Dear Frank,
    I am writing to compliment you for the inspirational and eloquent Homily you crafted for your mother.
    I empathise with you on several counts, having visited my mother almost daily for the past seven years she was in Lulworth and having finally farewelled her on the Feast of the Assumption barely a month ago at age 104.5.
    Both our mothers had much in common.
    My condolences,
    Peter Reid