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  • John F. 3 years

    Thank God.

  • Terry Keel 3 years

    I wonder if it is beyond reasonable to suppose that Satan is somehow behind the decision to try Cardinal Pell and the majority guilty verdict of the Victorian Supreme Court judges?

    • Peter Donnan 3 years

      If we believe in the rule of law,  justice will occur in terms of innocence or guilt,  but the introduction of Satan into the process is not based on any evidentiary logic. 

      It is the same as arguing ‘President Trump is damaging the fabric of American democracy: somehow Satan is somehow behind it.’

  • Cecilia Keating 3 years

    Thank you.I lived in NSW for fifty seven years and my interest continues eventhough I live in Ireland at present. I find the daily reflections inspiring.

  • Brenden Walters 3 years

    Anyone suggesting that Trump is damaging the fabric of American democracy probably also believes in the rule of law. Either that or they know little about the legal system, little about American politics and, little about the Bible. Jesus had no doubt about the activities of Satan. Did you know that interest in Saint Michael the Archangel is returning? I wonder why?