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  • daryl 1 year

    Jesus kicked over tables when money was more important than Spiritual Values. Jesus was a Man and the God of Peace and Healing. Please help Fr. Tony in any way you can to overturn this INJUSTICE.

  • Peter Robbers 1 year

    The Priministor claims it has nothing to do with the fact that this is a Catholic Hospital that ensures that a person’s life is honoured. If so what is going to change by becoming a public hospital?

  • Bev 1 year

    Fifty people working on this Legislation since the day after the Federal Election or thereabouts.  I wonder if they were hand picked for the job?  And Calvary Board we’re lucky to get Fifteen minutes of notice…..?  

  • Lance Jackson 1 year

    Never in my 90 years since my birth in Australia have I seen such a blatant action by government. It challenges the entire contribution of charitable services across our nation whch saves the govenment many dollars.

  • Mike Corrigan 1 year

    This current ACT-Govt is an absolute DISGRACE and acting like a THIEF-IN-THE NIGHT.
    How many Australian Laws and previous agreed behaviours been broken by this ‘Communistic Style
    Action’, from a Pumped up group of failed Politicians.
    QBN City Council runs a far better Local Govt. Service than this ‘Pompus’ ACT-Govt.
    FROM a lifetime Practicing Catholic, whom believes that Australia will soon be a ‘Province of
    Mainland Communist China.

  • Frederick Showler 1 year

    We now have a government that is not God fearing. They are God haters who are intent on destroying all things that are Godly. Jack boots are now appearing in the taking over of people’s rights and freedoms. Only evil governments do that.

  • Margaret Reynolds 1 year

    I am so happy that we can fight this takeover .if we do not , there is a lot more that the Governments wish to take off us esp., with the Referendum coming later.They have ceased to listen to the people who wish to have an option to the cold Govt. run hospitals without the element of faith that our democracies were built on. Take that away and we fall into all types of killing of people that is evident in the recent change of is our duty to take a stand.I am praying for a positive outcome.