Youth Day 2023

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Gearing up for World Youth Day

- 5 May 2023 0

In a world where most young people are seemingly locked into such fast-paced lifestyles, World Youth Day introduces a dimension of pilgrimage and journey, of slowing ... Read More

Pope to WYD participants: Lisbon 2023 a chance to grow in hope

Catholic Voice- 2 May 2023 0

With less than three months to go to World Youth Day (WYD), Pope Francis has sent his encouragement to participants registered for the event in ... Read More

‘See you in Lisbon,’ Pope Francis shares message 3 months before World Youth Day 2023

Catholic Voice- 2 May 2023 1

Rome Newsroom, May 4, 2023 / 07:00 am (CNA).   Pope Francis has sent a video message to the teens and young adults preparing to ... Read More