EVENT: Recognising Toxic and Healthy Relationship Dynamics in Young People

More and more technology is becoming a part of our lives and our culture. It has significantly impacted our homes, our classrooms, and the lives of young people. While the internet has provided many beneficial changes, it has also created some concerns when it comes to the safety of young people.

The latest statistics from online parental control expert’s, Family Zone, showed that:

  • 45% of teens are using unsafe social media.
  • Teenagers are spending close to 3 hours a day on social media sites.
  • 90% of boys and 60% of girls have visited porn sites.
  • 70% of girls between the ages of 15 and 19 receive online harassment and bullying.

The Australian Medical Association says that there’s a strong link between online pornography and adverse sexual and mental outcomes.

Teachers and Parents play a crucial role in helping young people engage with the online space in a positive way. With education and conversation, young people have the ability to make fantastic choices as they engage in the digital space. 

On Thursday 6th June, David & Katie Kobler of Your Choicez will run a Professional Learning seminar for teachers and other interested adults on “Recognising Toxic and Healthy Relationship Dynamics in Young People”. Lara Kirk had the opportunity to interview them about what got them into this work and what participants can expect from the seminar.

For more information about the seminar which runs from 4-6pm, Thu June 6th  in the St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre, behind St Christopher’s Cathedral Manuka, contact lara.kirk@cg.org.au 0429 192 869

To register: Teachers use the code 2838 on ESS; Others email lisa.kearney@cg.catholic.edu.au CECG 2019 Toxic and Healthy Relationships is NESA accredited PL for 2 hours. TQI accreditation still pending.

Download the flyer here

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  • Sheridon Bodnar 5 years

    Hi Katie, my name is Sheridon Bodnar, from nazareth catholic college, and i need to ask you a question. So i remember you coming to visit our school for the talk and stuff, and i remember you telling us a story about you get bullied and sexually assaulted. Can you please tell me again please, as i just need it for my respectful relationship resource. Thanks that would be helpful 🙂