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  • Brenden T Walters 2 years

    I have known Terry Brady for years. We were in the Novitiate together. Do the existence of nuclear weapons really create fear, undermine relationships of trust and constrain dialogue? They rarely cross my mind. Stick to preaching the gospel Terry, you are good at that. At least you are sincere. Try teaching biblical morality and forget about nuclear weapons, you are out of your depth there. Don’t try to save the world, Jesus has already done that. If you want to do something dangerous, preach the gospel.

  • Wendy Flannery rsm 2 years

    As a Sister of Mercy based in Brisbane, and involved in planning an event last Friday with a women’s peace organisation to herald the coming into force of the treaty, I was thrilled to see this initiative by the Catholic Bishops Conference. Bishop Phillip Huggins of the NCCA was a presenter at our event. Following the lead of Pope Francis, we need to all work together to get our government to sign and ratify the treaty. Ten of our Pacific neighbours have already done so!