Fear holding me back?

Today there was a chance that the Israelites could enter the promised land. They had escaped the Egyptians and been fed with Manna in the desert. They had triumphed and seen how God cared for them. However, when they arrived at the promised land, they saw the last obstacle and became afraid. In their fear, they exaggerated the troubles and told the people they needed to overcome giants. Instead of listening to God and his promise, they convinced others of their fear. Fear became the contagion.
We are surrounded by obstacles these days, and some of these are serious, but some are not so big. We are challenged today to ask ourselves are we listening to God and the truth of his good news. Are our lives reflecting the reality that we have a loving God who provides for us in every aspect of our lives? Or are we listening to and repeating the fears of others.

Lord, help us to listen to your words of hope and love.

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