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  • Alastair 2 years

    Thank you for the article by Fr Alex Osborne. Perhaps my layman’s view may support his views.

    When at school in the fifties, we used to pray every day for the conversion of Russia. We lived with a constant fear of atomic, later nuclear, conflict. But I think most of us probably let this prayer slip as we moved into careers and families. It seems to me that today it is as important as ever to keep those prayers going again.

    I do pray again for the conversion of Russia, for a St Paul-like conversion of Putin and for the people of Ukraine. I use the Memorare and the Our Father, with particular emphasise on ’Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’.

    Is any of this doing anything positive? I have convinced myself of the truth that our prayers are often answered in a way we are not aware of. I firmly believe that this short prayer session will save a life every time I go through it. Only personal problem with a belief like that is I feel guilty not praying every moment. But I suppose I can pray all the time. Surrounded by a beautiful family, I can use that as a prayer. Sounds like win-win to me.

    • Fr. Alex 2 years

      Thanks Alastair,
      Even though we don’t know how it will be answered, I’m certain that prayer is never wasted.
      God Bless,
      Fr. Alex

  • Beth Gibson 2 years

    Of course one of the complications in this whole situation is that Putin thinks, or pretends to think, that God is on his side, and he seems to be well supported in this by the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church in that country. I suspect these people think Russia has already undergone a conversion experience, after the break up of the Soviet Union. God is so often claimed by both sides in a conflict or war! Sadly, being a Christian does not always translate to acting with compassion and justice.

  • Daryl John Burnet 2 years

    Jesus mentions children, bring them to me and be childlike.

    Our Queen and Mother appeared to children many times, not Priests or adults. Why?
    Children are simple and simply love, trusting the parents.
    Who suffers most in domestic violence and war? Children,families and communities.
    The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and St Joseph were not spared. Lack of compassion from all levels of society caused God to be born in a freezing shed then become a refugee.

    Jesus didnt grow up and hate the Romans or His own people who abandoned Him. He said forgive all others, pray and fast. From Fatima, Lourdes, etc, Mary almost begs us to pray( Rosary,etc), fast and do penance. God hears the cry of the poor and children. Not Sinods and intellectual committees. The tower of Bable or babble is falling again.

    While God is an all supreme mystery, He loves simplicity. St Peter and the others had no degrees, God worked miracles through there simplicity. St Paul was a scholar, but needed to be humbled.

    The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is supreme. Always will be. Too few Catholics believe in the true presence anymore. If they did, the confessionals would be full. Silence at Mass would ensue. If you were invited to a dinner with a king or President, would you turn up late in filthy rags and gossip all the way through the dinner? I have done that and regret it with my whole heart.

    Today is an anniversary of Fatima. Today is not long after Divine Mercy Sunday. Jesus told St Faustina, I offer this devotion as the LAST means of hope for the World. Not Synods, not committees, not Nato, not politics. A childlike return to the Sacraments and trust in Jesus is our ONLY hope.