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  • Anne rosewarne 3 years

    I am currently reading the cardinal’s Prison Journal. I would recommend it to everyone. This gives a wonderful insight to the humility of a humble man falsely accused. It also demonstrates the astounding affirmations of support from people all over the world. I pray that he continues to do well and that he will be blessed in all that he undertakes.

  • Brenden T Walters 3 years

    I don’t really like referring to the Cardinal as Pell. It sounds disrespectful to me. Cardinal Pell is a very brave man and ranks with the great Cardinals of the Catholic Church.

  • peter ahern 3 years

    It may be better not to highlight Cardinal Pell in Catholic Voice. He remains a divisive figure, and at some time we face a Plenary Council where some forward thinking will be required. Cardinal Pell is a call to the past. Let him rest in peace, and don’t give him the exposure he desperately seeks.

  • Paul Sykes 3 years

    Cardinal Pell may be divisive. Many influential people are – including those who occupy, or have occupied, high positions. Cardinal Pell’s recent comments on Vatican finances and prison life have drawn wide interest, not only in Church circles but beyond. The Vatican finance comments, in particular, would seem to bear closely on Church administration at the higher levels, going into the future. While some might view some of Cardinal Pell’s attitudes as reactionary, I do not think that such attitudes could be said to be isolated or minimal. Given Cardinal Pell’s own leadership experience (locally and in the Vatican), and his strong faith witness, anything he has said, as I see it, should be given full weight and respect in the Plenary Council or any other Church forum, where relevant to the deliberations at hand.

  • Mary Tiutiunnik 3 years

    Before Cardinal Pell`s conviction, I had read a book called ” Merchants in the Temple” by Gianluigi Nuzzi that looks at the finances in the Vatican and the corruption. I thought cardinal Pell had been wrongly accused because I have also been to many Masses at cathedrals and knew what he was being accused of was implausible. Many Australians for some reason do not like Cardinal Pell so chose to believe the accusations.