Is it I, Lord?

How strange and evil that a meal becomes the occasion for betrayal. It is undoubtedly the devil’s work:

They were at supper, and the devil had already put it into the mind of Judas Iscariot, to betray Jesus (John 13).

The other eleven apostles have no clue. They ask:

Is it I, Lord?

Well, is it me?

Simply asking the question is probably a good sign, for it surely shows that I have moved beyond an infantile spirituality.

I mean, repentance is much, much better than self-righteousness.

Union, through repentance, is far better than perfectionism.


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  • Joy Law 4 years

    Beautiful. How many times have we betrayed Jesus? Good question. Hard question. One that rocks me from my complacency. How do I betray him?
    When I don’t speak up and speak his name perhaps because I am afraid of being made fun of?
    When I don’t show compassion for the poor, the lonely, the ill, the imprisoned, the hurting, homeless or refugee?
    When I don’t speak truth? When I pass on gossip or half truth? When I encourage people to hate or be fearful of others? Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to know you more clearly, follow you more nearly and love you more dearly, day by day.