Listen like a disciple

When we are baptised, we receive a share in Jesus’ office of Priest, King, and Prophet. This means as baptised Christians; we are called to speak prophetically into our world. What does this mean? Isaiah knew that the gift he received came from God and that God gave him a disciple’s tongue, and knowing this gave him the confidence to speak to the hearts of those who are wearied. He knew that his words could renew others as they were given to him by God. How did he learn what to say? Well, Isaiah says that he was awoken each morning to hear and listen like a disciple.
For us, in our time, there are so many wearied souls. Yet we often get caught between two extremes. One is to say nothing for fear of offending others, and the other extreme is to be harsh in our desire to speak the truth. We are called to something much more profound. We are united in a relationship with Jesus. Isaiah reminds us that the primary job of a disciple is to become still and to listen. We are invited to attend to the heart of Jesus and hear his love for his people. What the world needs, more than anything, is for each one of us who are baptised to become disciples. Disciples who will listen to the heart of Jesus and speak his words in a way that renews a wearied soul. This is how we take up our office of the prophet within our world. 
Lord, let us listen to your heart so we may speak your words to those whose souls are weary.



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