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  • Mary C 5 years

    Creative that’s what liturgy is all about relating to reality. 

  • Jan Baker 5 years

    Very thoughtful expression of a Christmas tree. It’s about time city folk stared to truly join themselves to the struggles of farmers. They are very courageous people.

  • Margaret Kilby 5 years

    Fr. Richard and parishioners of Mary, Help of Christians, I am praying for you too from Canada. We see almost daily in the news and FB posts how much your great land is suffering in the current drought and with all the destructive wild fires.  God have mercy on the land of the Southern Cross.

    • Don Smith 5 years

      Thank you Margaret. I have shown your comments to Fr Richard and he is most grateful for them. He passes on his hope that you could send some of your snow (+ rain) our way.

      • Margaret Kilby 5 years

        Ha! I wish I could send rain…. but snow is all I have to offer from here with wind chill temps in the -20’s… brrrrr.  I send more prayers. 😊🙏🏼

  • CAROL LAM 5 years

    Very beautiful