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  • Gabrielle 3 years

    Dear Shiny NEW Teachers, BE NOT AFRAID. Your early days may be hectic, but always remember your desire to be a GREAT Teacher – the one who inspires the youngsters. You will do that if you believe and prepare. My prayer is that as you take on yourselves this amazing vocation as teacher, you will achieve this. i am (un)gracefully leaving this role and hand it to you wonderful, young, enthusiastic people. Apart from my first term i have always felt privileged to be a classroom teacher. Go!, enjoy! be the greatest.

  • Victor Dunn 3 years

    What a lovely comment and endorsement Gabrielle. Well said.

  • Kim crawford 3 years

    Do I spot 4 males in this cohort? What are the implications for our classrooms esp the lack of male models for our boys?
    Why are young men reluctant to engage in the teaching profession?