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  • Florence 5 years

    Let us pray for all.

  • Fran 5 years

    I, a lay person, am also feeling under attack by some of the negative comments directed at ALL Catholics, not just clergy, by a lot of non Christians.

  • Matt Casey 5 years

    Thanks.  A time for prayer.

  • peter ahern 5 years

    Thank you, Archbishop Christopher. your message much needed and appreciated.

  • Michael Tyquin 5 years

    Yes, a time for prayer – for everyone.

  • Judi Ahern 5 years

    Thank you Archbishop Christopher for your comforting words in these terrible and difficult times for all of us.

  • Colleen Di Crescenzo 5 years

    I am so sad for my faith the faith I believe in so much, my God is who I believe in and the catholic church is the one that is letting me down. I will always defend my faith and my God, but at this moment the catholic church I cannot defend.

  • David Kibbey 5 years

    The strength of our Church is its unity in the worship of the only non sinner in all of history – Jesus of Nazareth. I pray for the Cardinal as I pray for myself; no better no worse.Just where were we looking at that troubled time? God bless us all.

  • davidsealey 5 years

    pray long and strong these times are a real test for you all.

  • John Verrell 5 years

    Our priests and our Seminarians need support, more so now, than ever before.
    If we as laypeople are stressed over what is happening,think of our Clergy.
    Prayer is the way here.

    • Steve 5 years

      Yes the genuine and humble men answering the call and living the gospels definitely need our prayer

    • Louise Vazey 5 years

      Perhaps we should pray for the victims as well.

  • Sahlu 5 years

    A time for prayer 

  • Rosemary 5 years

    Jesus was falsely accused and died for us. So many Bishops have been accused of coverups and now our Cardinal convicted, and other good men accused along with the guilty. “Father forgive them. They know not what they do!”
    Almighty God give us the strength to follow You in this the land of Your Holy Spirit. Hold all our Bishops and priests in the palm of Your hand. Mary, our mother keep them under your mantle, pray for us Sts Peter & Paul pray for them. 

  • yolla 5 years

    Wise words your Grace!
    pray  and be still with trust in our Saviour Redeemer & Lord Christ Jesus & his mother our heavenly mother marie!

  • Pat M 5 years

    Let us pray for an increase in faith, HOPE and love – for ourselves, our communities, and for those who offend. We are all fragile human beings, and capable of great goodness as well as great depravity. Down through the centuries the institutional church has been confronted and challenge, and we must pray to remain faithful to Jesus Christ and his teaching. Let us pray for each other, our communities, the priesthood; and may we all share in ministry and service so that what was said of the early Christians will be manifest in our living and acting – “behold how they love one another!”

  • nessa 5 years

    a bit like the media being silenced after the trial for which, all but the Catholic church, in this land abided. Is this the obedience which God asks of us? Still and silent with God, alone, in prayer for loving guidance.
    Once again, thank you for sharing a difference of opinion. Vanessa.

  • Leon 5 years

    How sad that the press would latch onto Cardinal Pell’s case like thirsting wolves. Guilty or not in this instance we are all sinners just some sins are more attracted to publicity. Let us all pray constantly that these current sad issues within our church will not weaken in any way our depth of faith

  • Louise Vazey 5 years

    Let’s pray for the victims not just the clergy.

  • Susi Sager 5 years

    Thank you for you insightful and kind words. In times like this some need to blame someone for the sins of many. My we continue to be an example of Christ’s love and compassion for ourselves and others Xx Susi

  • Annie Molejona 5 years

    Jesus says to St. Faustina (Diary Entry 1489) “You are not yet in your homeland; so go fortified by My grace, and fight for my kingdom in human souls; fight as a king’s child would; and remember the days of your exile will pass quickly, and with them the possibility of earning merit for heaven. I expect from you…a great number of souls who will glorify my Mercy for all eternity.”
    Thank you Bishop Christopher for this message. We will continuously fight for our families, fight for the Catholic Church and our faith, continuously pray for our Pope, Bishops and Cardinal Pell, all priests, religious and laity around the world. We entrust everything that is happening to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU.

  • Judith Reid 5 years

    I am reading the responses from so many responding to Arch Bishop Christopher. All seemingly with their heads in the sand,so pious, so trusting.I am angry. Where is the compassion for the abused children, the children we entrusted with faith to the likes of Cardinal Pell. Cover-ups are as bad as the heinous acts committed against these innocent children. I am grieving for the loss of trust, the inaction and acceptance of these acts by men in power. It is time to do more than pray. It is time to take positive steps to rid the church of this scourge, not over a 10 year period, as suggested, but immediately. Let us see the the Catholic Hierarchy in Australia show strength and initiative, that the Pope does not seem to be capable of, and rid our Catholic community of this disease and openly support those who have suffered because of it.