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  • Lost sheep 2 years

    Everywhere else in our community we have gender neutral language, yet when we pray the nicene creed we pray for “us men” instead of “us”(meaning everyone). I do not feel like the church wants women and yet the church relies on women to do so much.
    When I first attended the plenary council consultatation meetings, I was surprised at how many men and women were angry that this process would amount to little change.

    Recently in our parish children presented at Mass in preparation for their first holy communion. Instead of being told of the wonder, joy, love and miracle of the Eucharist, they were repeatedly told to evangelize. Sadly once first holy communion was over the church congregation returned to predominantly elderly and few people stayed afterwards to chat. Once again another group of youth and their parents have joined the church and without the love of the sacraments and Mass and have walked away from Mass and the sacraments and parish community.

    Too many good Catholics are struggling to find Christ in the church. I hope and pray that the plenary council finds changes that will nourish our faith instead of telling us to evangelize to an organisation which is 400 years behind our times (increasingly out of touch with the rapid change in our society) and sadly increasingly irrelevant in our daily lives because Jesus messages of non-judgemental love and hope have been lost in the ritual and traditions.

  • Catholic 2 years

    May the church never conform to the age, and may she resist subversion in all its forms. Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.

  • Alban Hunt 2 years

    Where were the Latin Rite deacons at the Plenary Council? Those with first hand lived experience to contribute to the discussion on the future of the diaconate. When was the last time we were asked to pray for vocations to the priesthood, religious life and the diaconate? The Latin Rite diaconate was born in the Concentration camp when some priests saw there had been a disconnect between Catholic laity in Germany and the Church. The diaconate was seen as a way to bring unity. One of the aims of the Plenary Council was surely the same, to reconnect clergy and laity, and those leaving the church. A very diaconal endeavor. But where was the voice of Latin Rite deacons?