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  • Daniel O'CONNELL 3 years

    Is this feed back “code” for somehow reversing church teaching on LGBTQI+ activities and women priests. I hope not.

  • Ruth Zochling 3 years

    In so few words John has covered the burning questions on so many minds.
    Let’s live in the hope we can move towards solidarity
    with charity and understanding.

  • Enness 3 years

    The Catholic Church is defined by the “Authority” given by Christ to His Apostles. It is my sincere hope the Bishops defend this authority and do not allow “synodality” to act as the trojan horse of “democratic intent of the laity”. Such intent – if allowed – could easily move us further down the path of moral relativism that has been invading the Church praxis.

    Our Bishops should be willing to stand firm on biblical teaching irrespective of pressures exerted my a modern Australian secular culture. History and Sacred Tradition shows there is no room for reversing teaching on LGBT++ activity, homosexuality, women priests etc etc.

    Compassion – Yes! But it goes with clear uncompromising teaching from the Church through its Apostles/Bishops. Praying that the Spirit gives strength to the Bishops to exercise their “Authority” in this PC.