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  • Martin Nicol 3 years

    Hi Sally.
    Watching the PC online, everyday seem to start with strong First Nations references. At times I thought it took up too much time since there was so much to cover. However I came to consider, if we the Church, can’t recognize the ground on which we stand and the people that have stood here for millennia, we as a Church are not going to recognize the people that stand here today.

    I guess it’s part of that deep listening. I hope it will lead to a greater recognition of all groups and peoples, so often we are taken for granted.

  • Beth Gibson 3 years

    Thanks Sally. I was pleased to see the time given to Indigenous spirituality and to read that the Assembly as a whole seemed to appreciate what Aboriginal spirituality can give to the Australian Church. The whole concept of ‘deep listening’ is profoundly challenging and so important, as Martin Nicol has also said. I’m glad you are there and I hope you find the next few months really encouraging!