Plenary Reflections Part 2

With the First Assembly of the Plenary Council now completed, the Catholic Voice asked several parishioners about their involvement and the benefits they see for the local and Australian church. 

Beth Gibson, South Belconnen Parish

Last week I dipped in and out of a few sources linked with the Assembly of the Plenary Council, a step in the ongoing reforms of Vatican 2.

Attendants seemed to participate genuinely in the process. I was struck by a couple of bishops who expressed gratitude, and perhaps even surprise, at the level of commitment and discernment shown by lay people in their groups. An important discovery!

The Assembly enabled some critical issues to be highlighted: Aboriginal spirituality; ecological conversion; the ongoing impact of child sexual abuse crimes; what does ‘being a missionary Church’ mean for us now; and the need for improved practices and governance arrangements to ensure all the baptised have a sense of belonging in our Catholic communities.

I am hopeful that we will all build on the outcomes of this Assembly and bring them to fulfilment in the Final Assembly next year.

Madeline Ryan, Immaculate Conception Tumut

What I have taken in so far is what an enormous task the Church has before herself.

Such a rich diversity of people and issues, problems to solve and opportunities to embrace, wounds to heal and efforts to be recognised. I am thankful to those who have personally committed to participating and for the coverage relayed to those of us not present. 

There are myriad opportunities for our faith to flourish in this country.  I think, for too long now the Church has gradually shied away, catering to growing secularism and watering-down the richness of the Gospel and Tradition of the Church.  Like a plant that is struggling, I pray that we will be nourished by good soil, living water, and yes even some stinky fertiliser so that we may come back to life.

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So I pray for the bearing of good fruit!


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