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  • Esdene Richter 4 months

    Calvary Hospital is a place where true care and compassion is show to patients and should be left as is and not taken over without due process and leave a well established rganisation free to give care as needed and desired.

    • K Grace 4 months

      very disappointed the prime minister was proud of his Catholic Faith before his election but where has it gone now????

  • El Padre 4 months

    Love it! Great work. At last the Church standing up for its people.

  • Anna 4 months

    How does the Prime Minister’s stance on this matter have anything to do with his plan for a “Better” Australia where nobody is left behind? How does  supporting taking away people’s right of choice in their healthcare and health systems fit into a democratic government system? 

  • Trish tarlinton 4 months

    what had happened to democracy ?
    Have the doctors and nurses been consulted.
    Have the people of Canberra been consulted.??
    What is next?
    As residents of Canberra can we feel confident of our properties or are they next to go?

  • John Donnelly 4 months

    Basic principles of justice are being walked over, 
    Albanese disinterest is consistent with his difference from other PKs. He’s not in the same street!

  • J, Monaro 4 months

    I ask Mr Albanese to do all against this bill for the government take over of the Calvary hospital. To leave all in the church working of this hospital with compassion and care.

  • Norman Edwards 4 months

    I’m horrified that a government can take over a highly respected hospital, a move supported by the our Prime Minister. Are Catholic and other religious schools facing the same fate?

    I remember years ago the leader of the Greens party, on TV, proposed the shutting down of Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. looks like that biased line of thinking has not gone away.