Reality check

Scripture gives us so many ways to understand our relationship with God. We find in the sacred texts images that inspire us to deeper understanding. We draw on images such as the bride and bridegroom, the potter and the clay, the vine and the branches.

Today’s gospel reading asks us to reflect on an image that is not particularly attractive to our egos, but nevertheless remains true. We are servants. We are lowly.

This is not much of a surprise! God is all goodness, all truth, all beauty and holiness, while we barely know ourselves or understand our own motives! 

We resist this kind of image because we fear that it might damage our self-esteem. However, Jesus, God incarnate, came not to be served but to serve! All things are held in balance; I am at the same time the adopted child of God, graced with dignity and made in God’s image, and God’s servant, ready to do God’s will. It is good for us to keep the perspective of our own lowliness – to learn to be freed by the truth of it.

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