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  • Patricia Bourke 6 years

    Fr Warwick I have you in my prayers. We go back such a long way when you taught my girls. Keep as well as you can and don’t overdo things

  • Zita Clifford 6 years

    Thanks and blessings Father Warrick

  • Paul Cologon 6 years

    I will keep you in my prayers, thank for the time you have dedicated to the Corpus Christi Parish and indeed the whole Archdiocese.

  • Beth Doherty 6 years

    Fr Warrick, it was a pleasure to work with you for a short time in the Cathedral parish! Wishing you many blessings for your retirement. Hope to be seeing you! God bless. 

  • Matt Casey 6 years

    Fr Warrick, May God bless you in your retirement.  You will be in our prayers.  

  • Ursula Jamieson 6 years

    You will be missed Fr Warwick. Thank you for the exceptional contribution you have made to our Archdiocese. 

  • Stan / Bernice Marris 6 years

    May the Lord shine His face on you Fr. Warwick, as He did on your ordination day back in 1985.

  • Sheelah Egan 6 years

    Warwick, we have had many encounters over the years even if they have been far between. I was so looking forward to your latest stint at the cathedral, but your health must come first. I wish you all the best in your retirement. Despite the Archbishop’s words, I find it hard to believe that it will be too contemplative. I hope you find many books to read and some good friends to argue with, friends who will enjoy your smart asides as much as I did.

  • Stan and Bernice Marris 6 years

    May the Lord continue to shine His face on you, Fr Warwick, as He did on your ordination day back in 1985.

  • Roger FitzGerald 6 years

    Great effort Warrick and good your health is now getting the priority it deserves. Many thanks.

  • Richard A. O’Brien 6 years

    Those of us who had the privilege of being present at the celebration of the Eucharist and of hearing the sermons of Father Warrick were always aware that we were in the presence of a profoundly spiritual and dedicated person of faith. Briefly being a member of the Parish Council at St. Monica’s gave me an exceptional insight into how spirituality was transformed into healing and action. As he takes a rest from his great duties at the Cathedral Father Warrick will be in the thoughts and prayers of all those he healed and blessed over the years.

  • Dennis Sleigh 6 years

    Warwick, Thank you for 33 years of energetic (and contemplative!) priesthood. You will have many things to keep you occupied in your ministry as a retired priest, and i hope that among these will be at least occasional visits to your rural friends in the archdiocese. Ad multos annos.

  • Colleen Hines 6 years

    Best wishes in your retirement Fr. Warrick. I will keep you in my prayers & hope you might come to relieve Fr. Joshi I some time.  
    They worked you too hard, I think.