Talitha Cum

Let me tell you about an experience I had.

It was at the height of the busy days, when there were always a lot of crowds. Jarius, one of the leaders of the synagogue, was seeking my help. He was a desperate man. His little girl was dying. I could see and feel the grief and anxiety in his voice as he said “My little girl is at the point of death.” I went with him.

His daughter was going beyond the realm of this life and needed to come back. She was like you! You have closed yourself off, to shield yourself from pain. You have withdrawn….

“Do not fear, only believe”

‘Believe’ doesn’t mean convincing yourself! It is more like looking me in the eye and allowing what is mine to become yours. I will believe for both of us, and your faith will grow.

We cleared out the mourners and the curious observers; I wanted only those who really loved her to be there. Then I drew her back from where she had gone. I drew her with love. I loved her back, and all in the room who loved her, loved with me.

“Talitha Cum”

Come back to life, my beautiful one.



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